Thursday, February 16, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #9 & 10

December 14, 2011
Bad news = I didn't get to play Minecraft tonight.
Good news = I finally ordered my Minecraft Edu accounts. Just waiting for the confirmation to show I'm a real educator. Name-dropped people in this group in the comment section. Yes, I'm shameless.

December 17, 2011
Received codes for Minecraft Edu - have decided to keep names "in the (Grim) family" and it'll help me remember passwords too.

Had trouble getting in to server but Liam fixed it.

Walked, following the tracks, from Praxis' house to the Safe House. Saw the amazing GAMINGEDU sign. It's a great tool for me to orient myself. I get lost easily.

The server name, in glorious coloured wool!

Started to build my house. At first it was just a sod house and rather than speed up the night, I built a sod roof and slept in my "own house" for the first time. My son Peter was with me and when I went to brush Mary's hair, he took over and chopped wood so I could use it to build my house. Denise popped on for a bit - she had her niece Ella with her. Neat how all of us bring other people along with us. Even Liam had Melanie join us for a bit.

Building is hard. Praxis taught me how to get extra supplies without destroying the environment.
I must remember these codes to type!
/time set 2000
/give Liragrim 5 64 (this gives me 64 pieces of wood)
** note that 65=ladder and 20=glass
I can find more codes if I google minecraft data values.

During game play today, I
- tried to kill a creeper but he exploded before I got the chance
- tried to attack an ender with my sword but he had a bow and arrows so he nailed me instead
- tried to attack some intruder to my house (I hadn't built a roof at that time) and ended up destroying most of the inside of my house by blindly using my sword.

That's all for now.

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