Saturday, February 11, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #1

I am copying and pasting my journal entries from on this blog. I am also interspersing the text with photos from the adventures. On the wiki, we have a separate place for screen shots. This will be the spot to see the photos of the events all together. Feel free to visit either spot.

October 30, 2011
Finally got Paypal working so I could pay and play.
As I was reading the welcome sign, a creeper came and killed me.
Thankfully Brofinn and later Praxismaxis were around to help me out.
I was a total n00b. My husband had to come over to show me what were probably the controls for walking. Then Liam showed me how to change the controls.
Just in case I forget ...
  • the arrows are now my directions for walking
  • when in doubt, I've used the first letter of a word for the action (e.g. A for attack, U for use)
The safe house is gorgeous! Great view, multiple levels, well-stocked.
I have to find a new pickaxe - I accidentally threw mine down and lost it. I was swinging my bow instead of shooting with it, but no one was harmed.
My son watched me play for a bit. He wanted to take over but I told him I had to learn. He had a lot of comments comparing it to Terraria. (Terraria takes a 3rd person perspective instead of 1st person, so I had a lot of trouble navigating.)

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