Monday, February 27, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #28 & 29

January 24, 2012
I made an announcement for the students who were selected for the Minecraft Club to come down so I could tell them in person.
- I asked if they had a legitimate account already
- I said they had been selected for the club and I would supply them with a student account (but they could only use it during club times)
- I mentioned that we'd meet Mondays for an hour after school and that as part of the club, they'd be required to do a bit of writing (e.g. keep a journal on our wiki)
They all seemed quite excited, although they all seem to know quite a bit about Minecraft already!

My own kids and I played for a set time together. It was relatively uneventful. Praxis wasn't on so Phisa had to "settle" with having me with him. I built his slime pen in anticipation of the pet slimes he will capture.

And we saw snow

January 25, 2012
A quick summary. Terra got lost in a desert around Casa Colby and was nearly killed by a bunch of creepers. Phisa and Lira went down into the mines to make the monster spawner in the pit. Terra suffocated in a wall when she teleported to us. She couldn't grab her stuff though we saw it drop. Phisa placed a spawner in my outdoor pen and it became a pig spawner. Lira followed Terra around to find a location for her house in the Lupis Landing zone. Terra was being very particular about her location and couldn't decide.

Pig spawner at work

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