Friday, February 24, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #23 (Terra and the wolf)

January 20, 2012
 Today was to say the least an eventful day.
 It started off with a night-time attack where a creeper blew up part of Lira's house. We tried to fix it. Meanwhile, Phisa and Praxis (but mostly Phisa) had their own plans. They went to mine some clay, from Phisa's Clay Warrior Project. 

Liragrim's partially destroyed house.

After repairing the damage, Lira and I went out to work on our track, which made me remember the dungeon from the previous adventure. The others offered to help us explore it. We went in, immediately greeted by a mob of archers that had built up overnight. We fought them off while taking some fairly good screenshots. In the end, we destroyed the spawner and found some Moss Stone. 

A dark shot of destroying the monster spawner!

 While we were digging, Praxis fell into a hole and found a pathway. At the end was a massive amount of lapis luzil and gold. Phisa joined Praxis and the two began mining again.
 Meanwhile, I had fell in a hole of my own, trying to find Lira. Inside were two cows, one of which I was able to lead to the safe house farm with my wheat. We also gained a baby cow.
 The next part of my adventure is quite long. Being slightly jealous that Phisa's wolf made it back without injury, I returned to Lupus Landing to find my own. I fought off a number of archers, gaining their bones and reaching level 10.
 I swam over to the island and walked for a bit, before climbing a mountain. On top was a house, or a structure, built into the side of the mountain. It was lavishly decorated, constructed entirely of stone, lapis luzil and gold. Inside was a mini waterfall that let out into a pool. It even had a glass balcony, with a ladder leading out. Since I can't climb very well, I decided to make my own exit: a stairway through the rock. 

An interior shot of the lavish and mysterious house.
I wandered the island for a while longer until I came upon a house. And another. And another! A village! It looked like there was no one around,. so I decided to go in and spend the night. Then I saw the people. I wouldn't call them "people" exactly, but they were humanoid. They had dark skin, long bent noses and green eyes. They looked like trolls. For most of the time I avoided them, until one approached me and did not attack. I decided that they weren't hostile, but I didn't take any chances. As I walked through the village, I put away my sword.

Who is this curious humanoid?
Then I came upon a forest, full of sheep and bones, and later, wolves. I befriended the third one I found (the first two didn't eat my bones for some reason) and let him follow me. I then decided to go home.
 I walked for days. I don't know what I would have done without my wolf's protection, and my 39 pieces of steak.
 Finally, as I seemed to be getting closer to home, the server crashed. When I logged back on, my wolf was gone. Upset by the situation, I headed straight for home without finding another wolf. However, I was just as lost as ever.

Terra's wolf shakes off excess water after a swim.

 Then, mom came to the rescue, helping me home with one of the new action commands: teleport home. I had never been so glad to arrive at Lira's house.
 After that, I quit for the night, thinking that I'd return to Lupus Landing for my pet another day.

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