Saturday, February 18, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #13 & 14

January 3, 2012
I did some extra research using a different site - - and it explained farming using terms I could understand. I also went on and printed out two pages of codes. I used the codes to make myself a new crafting table in my house. I intended on making my own hoe but I forgot how to turn the wood into sticks so I used the /give command to make a new hoe. I used my hoe to make 9 squares of farmable dirt and I planted my wheat seeds.

My puny little garden.

I took a couple of pictures and then went back to my house to do extra inside work. I got a chest so now I don't have to carry around all that stone and dirt - the other bonus is when I say the /give command, I have room in my personal inventory for it to appear (I noticed when I used the command but had no open spots, I wouldn't get the items I had requested). I remembered to put a torch near my crops but I think I forgot to put a door to my fenced enclosure. I'll see what's left of my farming attempt next time I log in.

January 5, 2012
Today was an eventful day on Minecraft. I went up two levels - now I'm level 5! I did it by going out at night and killing three spiders that were near my garden. I also killed a creeper that was lurking near my house and a spider that was waiting by my front door. I decided to do some major renovations. My son decided to help me. I added a wooden pressure plate (#72) to my front door and finally got my side door operational. I'm adding a third level to my house and I'm trying to decide where my comfortable living arrangements should end and my functional mine begin. I finally figured out that the pinkish rock that is in my house is iron ore, which can be useful. My wheat and melons are growing nicely. Now if I can figure how to use my student accounts, I'd be rocking! My son wants to use one of my student accounts to try some stuff on our server. We'll see. He's a lot more ambitious than I am - he wants to explore the slimeballs and such.

My house (right side) in progress.

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