Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #31

January 27 2012

Terragrim's Minecraft Report:
 Today Lira and I spent time putting the finishing touches on my new house. But first, Lira had to find my house. As I did with Mel's lapis house the other day, I built a tall marker so that it could be seen for miles around. With this (very) tall tower as a guide, Lira was able to find her way to my house, while leaving a breadcrumb-like path of torches in her wake. Then we began our work on the roof. Lira took care of most of the actual roof making, while I created temporary dirt pillars to use as support for the roof. We worked fairly quickly, with extra time to make a small balcony attached to the neighboring tree.

Terra jumps on her bed

 Then we decided to follow our torches back to the Safe House and get some supplies. We took a brief detour to see Phisa's "Chicken Race Track" and fight a few creatures. Then we went over to Lira's little house (in comparison to mine).

Phisagrim's racetrack, inspired by GameChap

I crafted a chest, a crafting table (a chicken and egg scenario: which came first?) and a furnace for my house and went back to Lupus Landing to put them there.
 Phisa decided to join our trek and followed us there. The torches Lira left may have seemed like over-kill, but it paid off in the end. We found our way to the house with relative ease, this time leaving a path of white wool. It was originally going to be a yellow path (Thanks to the Wizard of Oz), but couldn't find any yellow dye. But the white stood out quite nicely. We had only made it up to the stream that leads to my house, when we had to log out. We all "ported" home so that we could continue our building the next day.

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