Monday, February 20, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #16

January 7, 20112 (but recorded January 8, 2012)

Well, Terragrim, Phisagrim and Liragrim (Mary, Peter, and I) played for three hours last night!
Mary's laptop is too old to handle Minecraft. Despite the server fixes, she kept getting booted off and doing simple things like walking around were very laggy. Poor thing! It really affected her enjoyment of the game because she couldn't keep up with us. My husband will look into getting more RAM or even a new Netbook for her to use.

We had to give up on Phisa's large herd of cattle that he bred. He wanders pretty far! It took us a while to find each other.
Bad news - somehow a creeper snuck into my house and blew up the basement! It wrecked my furnace, chests and crafting table. I was ticked off! I think it happened because I put a bed too close to the external walls. I need to research to find out if my hypothesis is true. The three of us spent a lot of time cleaning up my house.

Terragrim died by suffocating in a wall. I've never heard of anyone dying like that before!

Phisa declared that he wanted to build a house for himself on top of the mountain near where my house stands. We climbed the mountain and saw a gorgeous waterfall. Phisa decided that he would build his house near the waterfall.

The base of the waterfall, with Phisa's sign
Phisa said he wanted his house to be 10 blocks long on each side. We made some perimeter errors when doing it but we corrected them. I used the stuff I learned from making my lame-o first house to make this house better. I used stone - in fact, I did a pattern on the roof! I used stone brick on the perimeter and double stone for the inside. He had to cut down a lot of trees to make it smooth and I really like how he used the wood he cut to make a cool entry way in front of his house - it's very artistic!

Phisagrim's house with log entryway!

While we were building, Phisa discovered that he could use the waterfall as a giant water slide so he spent a long time playing on the giant slide. He even made a sign I gave him to announce the waterfall. (Praxis gave Terra and Phisa OP status but they don't use it too much.) I was getting a bit annoyed that I was working on the house while he was playing around but he joined me to fix and finish the roof and the staircase, which is always the trickiest part for me. (When the creeper blew up the basement in house #1, he ruined my stairs and it took a lot of placing and replacing to get them just right.) The new house is absolutely GORGEOUS and Phisa invited me to come and live with him in this house. It's kind of nice - I might do it! I need to research how to make houses creeper-proof. We saw a creeper outside the window on the last "night" we were there but we started to build a basement (just a hole of dirt really) so that he wouldn't see us or start the self-destruct mechanism in him.

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