Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Minecraft Journal #5 & 6

November 8, 2011
I checked out the crafting section of the Minecraft wiki before logging on tonight because I thought it was time I crafted something, for heaven's sake! It reminds me of cooking in Webkinz - combine ingredients in certain ways to get something new. I updated my journal and when I logged on, Praxis was there and I had just missed MissC! I decided to make her a little house-warming present (a picture for decoration - I saw how on the Minecraft Craft wiki). Praxis steered me long-distance and I made myself my first thing - a craft table. I had clued in that my 2X2 matrix was not the 3X3 one I needed to craft but didn't make that next logical step. Unfortunately I did not have enough material to make my present. I went out and killed a sheep in record time - Praxis said he learned how to shear a sheep so you don't have to kill it. That'll be useful. I saw a piggy and went to the roof to try and shoot it but it was too dark. It took a while for me to dismantle my chest (Diana = hold the A button, don't tap tap it) but I now have it in my inventory.

November 12, 2011
Today was a busy day in Minecraft and Mary and Peter (my kids) helped me out a lot. When I logged on, no one else was on. I thought that I needed to get a little braver and do more exploring, instead of hanging out in MissC's house all the time (plus her crafting table, furnace, and chest were all locked with spells). I found my boat and tried to sail back to Praxis' house. I saw an island with mushrooms and I wanted to collect them, but I had a problem - I couldn't get out of the boat! I was stuck. Then night fell. I was too scared to travel back to either of the houses (creepers, don'tcha know). Of course, it began raining. I sat all night in the middle of the water, in the pouring rain, staying on guard. I saw my first duck. I let him live. When it was day, I sailed back. I put out a plea on Twitter to get out of my boat. I looked up how to get out on Google. I must've been sitting for a long time because even the console gave me hints. (Diana tip = to get out of the boat, right-click while looking at the boat). Praxis came to check on me and then had to go afk.  I went back out in the water and saw a cow.

Stalking a cow in the water - not an ideal hunting method.

I attacked the cow while still in my boat. It was pretty clumsy - I ended up destroying my boat in the process of getting the cow. Thankfully the water wasn't too deep. I ran back to Praxis' house because I saw spiders in the water - scary! I cooked my beef and ate some. (Diana tip = put the food in your hand and hold down U to eat the food). Praxis made this awesome rail system and when he returned, he showed me around. It took me a while to get into the rail car (Diana tip = have nothing in your hand, look at the start button near the side of the rail, and push U to push the button that starts the rail). My kids were laughing at me because I was hollering like I was on a roller coaster. Praxis gave me iron ingot and began to show me how to forge my own armor. He went off and so my kids helped by looking up online what patterns I had to make with the iron on the crafting table to get what I wanted. We were going to travel back via rail with our newly crafted armor and a sword to fight beasties, but I missed my rail car and it went without me. I decided to just walk on the rails to follow it back but as I did,  I fell off the rails deep down below. Praxis himself fell off a cliff and landed on a creeper - he blew up! We didn't know how to get back to the rail station; there was no way out. Peter helped me begin to dig stairs to get out. It was getting late and I needed to put the kids to bed. We are still half-way down, trying to dig our way back.

Stuck down below - Praxis teleported to me.

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