Thursday, February 23, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #21 & 22

January 13, 2012
(recorded on the 14th)

We had a fun time today but we had to end our session with 24 minutes and 37 seconds still remaining because we got booted off the server and couldn't get back on. Praxis was with us. He and Phisa decided to go check out this new area populated by wolves. Terra and Lira chose to work on making a path to the nature preserve. When we got kicked out the first time, we lost all our work on the new pathway we had made (including some cool little bridges) so we decided to meet Phisa.

Minecraft certainly helps us deal with our fears and challenges head-on. Thanks to Minecraft, Phisa has learned how to use the keyboard better and discover how to type a colon. (He grew tired of waiting for me to log him back on after a crash and typed the direct contact address himself.) Terra must have inherited my slight fear of heights (especially of bridges high over water - my phobias tend to be rather specific!). She was terrified to walk over the insanely high bridge Praxis made to connect Lupin Landing to the Safe House but by holding the shift key, which prevents you from falling, she did it, not once, but twice.

Insanely high bridge - face your fears!
 She had to do it twice because she fell in lava and died while in the wolf zone and respawned back at the safe house. I have a thing about getting lost in the woods - remind me to regale the tale of when I played Predator and Prey at Hillside when I was a student (the short version is that I was a chipmunk, died in my first two minutes of the game and spent the rest of the hour trying to find my way out of the woods without much success). I got lost again in the Wolf Woods but that gave me a good idea - I'm going to buy some Lego pieces and make a 3D map of our Minecraft lands!

The kids loved the wolf area. Mary was the first to find and tame a wolf, to Peter's chagrin. Peter got his eventually. They liked how the wolves helped to defend them from enemies. We had some serious debate about how we'd get them back to our houses (can they go through trap doors? up ladders?) when the server crashed and we couldn't get back on. I had to comfort my boy because he was nearly in tears about losing his wolf.

January 18, 2012

Phisagrim's Report (dictated by Peter)
So yes I have been adventuring with Terragrim and we have seemed to find a desert with brown sheep. OF course, I wandered off and I decided to dig down since I was near my house on a high mountain. I digged down down down and deep and it turns out I hit where all the wolves live. I tamed four wolves but only two were following me at the moment and suddenly surprised, I died. I fell. I hit the ground too hard. I was very sad 'cause I was level 11 and I had all my stuff with me all at the same time. So yeah, I was sobbin' a bit, but another surprise, when I was walking along, my wolves came back. I'm not sure how they could be so promising and I love them so much. I could just give a big hug on them. They followed me wherever. I found something in a chest called a piston in a chest in the safe house. I placed it down near my waterfall. And I also found a button which I can use for my rollercoaster. So, that's all I have to say. Take it away Terra!

One of Phisagrim's wolves.

Terragrim's Report (written and typed by Mary)
 Today was an eventful day.
 As Peter said, the day started off with a visit to the nearby desert. While Lira worked on her chicken farm, Peter and I went exploring. We saw lots of animals. Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Chickens, even Wolves! I spent a lot of time with my hand glued to F2 (screenshot) Though after a while, Peter and I got separated, and I had to run through the desert to get home.
 Despite being right near Casa Colby, (hence my nickname, the Colby Desert) I had quite the time getting back. I ran into zombies, creepers, name it! No enders, thankfully. But I did take quite a lot of damage. I don't think I would've survived without my 52 pork chops. They even doubled as a weapon!
 After about half an hour (about three Minecraft days) I found my way back to the mainland, and Lira and Phisa. I decided to help Lira build her track to the wild life sanctuary, by Spooky Villages. As I returned, I stumbled into a small cavern full of green-ish rock. It looked like emerald! I started furiously digging at it. Lira came to help.
 Once we busted through the wall, an unexpected surprise greeted us. A skeleton archer ambush! Turns out we had found a monster-spawner. I tried my best to fend the off while Lira looted the nearby chest. Inside were saddles, which as it turns out are a rare item used for pig-riding.
 We'll have to use our saddles next time, as well as investigate the "dungeon".

Well, what could I say that already hasn't been said previously? I decided to build shelter for my chickens because one of my grade 2 students (JZ) was talking to me at recess a couple of days ago and he said the reason why I had so few chickens in my pens was because I hadn't built any chicken coops to protect them from the bad weather. Terra and Phisa went exploring without me. I built coops and paths to nature preserves. I looked up how to build a fishing rod on Minecraftopia and that's when I read about the existence of saddles that were found in dungeon chests that can be used to ride pigs. Phisa was excited about that and excited that his loyal wolves did not abandon him when he died. (That was a bitter pill for him to swallow.) Our questions and possible new tasks/goals are:
- what can you feed your pair of wolves to make pups?
- how can we explore that dungeon without taking massive damage? Can we destroy the spawner?
- where can I find different examples of rocks and minerals in our world?
I need to do the last one because I'm doing an "emergency partner unit" with our grade 4 teacher (media/oral/science = Minecraft!) and since I don't know if I can get Minecraft to work during school time, I need screen shots of coal, diamond, iron, etc. and what we've done to our mountain. I may ask our school Minecraft experts to help - maybe make me a video.

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