Monday, February 13, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #4

November 6, 2011
This was a really fun session because, for the first time, all three of us were online at the same time!
I watched some videos about how to cook my raw chicken and worried a bit because I didn't know how to make a furnace. Lucky me, Praxis already made one and had it in the house. He unlocked it and I cooked my pork and chicken! I was so pleased!

My character, Liragrim, in the safe house.

I also learned how to shoot my bow and arrow. I have different control settings so right-click alone doesn't work. I needed to use the U (for use) key. I was told that holding shift meant I wouldn't fall over the edge, and that sleeping in the beds Praxis provided made the night go faster. I have awful aim but it was fun to practice shooting. I patrolled for spiders and creepers. I screamed out loud when a creeper jumped high up where we were on the balcony - my whole family complained about the noise. When MissC came on, we decided to visit her house. I don't have a house yet - I feel like a bit of a slacker. I joked last time that I was on a Minecraft IEP. I am so lucky to be playing with such talented gamers. They showed me the pool in the main house and where to get boats. We were all boating at the same time as we traveled to MissC's place.

I'm in a boat, following Praxis.

I was totally impressed with MissC's sculpture (and both Praxis and MissC's gardens). Here they are making art, forming culture! I'm still at the prehistoric man stage before even the cave paintings! I killed a sheep (badly) while at MissC's (I think I hit someone with an arrow while trying) and got spooked by a creeper peeking at me through the window. I "slept over" at MissC's place because I had to put my own kids to bed.

MissColby's inukshuk statue is on the left.

My son watched part of my game play and controlled my character for a bit. He ditched me to watch his dad play Borderlands but then started to write a "Minecraft Tips" sheet for me - of course, I just learned most of the stuff he was writing, but it'll be a good reminder. He liked talking to Liam.

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