Sunday, February 26, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #26 & 27

January 22, 2012

I'll try to be brief, as it's nearly midnight as I type this.
Terra, Phisa and I (Lira) played for our usual time and then I let Terra go on my computer so her dad could use his. The two kid stayed on for an extra half-hour.
What did I do? Built the bridge to the nature preserve.

Building my bridge over water!

I looked it up and found out that if you hold shift and walk backwards, you can access the face of the block you want to add to. I also made a new coop and fixed my Liragrim sign in front of my house.

What did Terra do? Her goal was to find that troll village she discovered a few days ago. She wandered far and wide but couldn't find it. She spends a lot of time in Lupis Landing and is considering building a house there.

What did Phisa do? He was a bit grumpy today. He spent a short time in the mines. He teleported to Terra when she found clay deposits in the water. He drowned while collecting it. He got even grumpier because he wanted to recover all his lost loot but couldn't remember the place where he had gone off to collect clay. He made his way back to his home with his new pack of recently acquired wolves and used codes to get all sorts of unusual things like cauldrons.

January 23, 2012

Today I taught a Minecraft-related lesson and it was amazing! I've uploaded my lesson plan to the wiki. One of my grade 8 students made me a video to use as part of the lesson. We went into the single player world and made a new world that we explored from scratch - no tools, nothing. The kids participated like crazy, especially a boy who usually isn't keen about school.  The discussion was thoughtful and based on great observations. It was a media/oral/science lesson and I was impressed with the distinction the kids were making - it's a computer game vs video game vs simulation game. They were the ones that clued in that this was a multi-subject lesson. They want to play again (two kids only played for a little bit this time around, projected on the SMART Board).

ETA I telephoned the parent of the child who made the video to praise him mightily for his contribution. His mother was delighted because said she thought his hours on Minecraft were a waste of time but she's glad to hear it isn't necessarily the case. I told her about the Minecraft Club and how we are hoping it helps with literacy and numeracy and "school skills" and she was happy to hear about that. She also mentioned that her son was trying to teach her how to upload videos to YouTube. My own children played for a lengthy time this night. Phisa was delighted to have Praxis on so they could explore together. Terra kept searching for that missing village. Afterwards, Phisa wrote a long note to Praxis about their future plans.

Chair and table I built thanks to tips from a visiting gr. 10 student.

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