Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Break RPG-Inspired Project

Time for the boy to take a break from manning the blog!

I've written before about our superhero RPG with our friends in the west-end of the city. After our last adventure (involving croco-sharks), my daughter was inspired to create comic book covers of each of the five games we've played as a large group. During March Break, I decided that they would look even better in colour, so I scanned the originals, printed out a new copy, and with the girl's help, I inked and coloured them. The results are wonderful, in my biased opinion, and I have new respect and appreciation for inkers of the comic industry. It takes a long time! We are seeing them today and we'll be giving the GM copies of these pieces of art, but I thought I'd share them here as well.

Issue #1: Versus the villainous Jack in Irons! 

Issue #2: Invasion of the Space Ghouls!

Issue #3: The Coming of the Crime Phantom!

Issue #4: Their Deadliest Foe Yet!

Issue #5: The CrocoSharks!

My daughter is currently reading old issues of The Avengers and The Fantastic Four, so she borrowed stylistic elements from those classic comics when designing these covers.