Sunday, February 19, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #15 (The Kids Join the Game)

January 6, 2012
I played for a very, very long time today - with my son!

Peter's report: I, Peter, had lots of fun with Mom and a little bit of problems as well. When I first got on, I met Praxis. He logged off since he had to go eat dinner. I got stuck in a cart - little embarrassing. 

Phisa stuck in the cart (in background, centre/left)

We found each other. I wandered off to find Mom's house but then I decided to climb a mountain to see everything. Mom called me to find her house and I took a little bit of damage, half a health damage because it was high up. I levelled up to level 5. It was pretty exciting but I died once. Three creepers blew me up. Then I finally found Mom's house. There were lots of enemies coming. Mom said to guard the garden. Then I was wondering where they was all coming from. I decided to look up the mountain and the gaming edu sign was broken. 

Darn you creepers! The destroyed sign

A creeper blew it up when Mom was sitting there, using the bathroom. I also accidentally blew up the sign too. I was trying to help Mom clear up a hole and then I was about to go to the safe house when shock and surprise, a creeper came up to me. He attacked me and it exploded. Part of the G for the Gaming Ed sign blew up. We plan to fix it and then everything will be alright. 

Peter told most of the exciting parts. Praxis did great stuff with the railway but several creeper explosions wrecked things. Peter/Phisagrim is a lot more adventurous than I was when I first started. He wanted to go in the Minecarts and explore all the places with track. We went to MissColby's, the woods (we saw Praxis' music box in the woods), and all over the place. I improved my house a bit, although the back part still looks wonky.I died because I drowned while Peter was exploring and I couldn't get out. Peter told me I should've used the space bar to float. How he knows that, I have no clue!

I tried to be brave since Phisa was being adventurous, but now I know why they advise you to stay inside when it's dark. I did have to take an "afk" moment to go to the bathroom and when I returned, it was night. I was waiting by the GamingEdus sign for Phisa and a creeper approached me and blew it up. I was mad! I used a couple of Planet of the Apes lines. I know Mel and Liam say it's okay to use the cheat codes but I try not to use them too too much. I only did time set once but I did have to remake all the tools I lost once I died. I was also ticked off that I was level 5 and when I died I lost all my levels. Despite having the codes, I couldn't figure out how to get the purple wool needed to fix the sign. I also need to fix the rails the creepers destroyed. As I type this, Peter is bugging me to get back on so we can play. He says he wants to build a house at the top of my mountain to be close to me - yes, he's sucking up.

ETA (10:39 pm) I've logged on all my Minecraft Student Accounts (5 of them) and redeemed the codes. My son insisted on playing again and this time my daughter joined. Here is her report.

Mary's report: My very short first adventure in Minecraft
Basically what happened was, I appeared in the game. Secondly I found Mom (Liragrim) who offered to show me her house. I went and followed her across a narrow path. On each side of the path was a ditch and I fell into one of the ditches. When Mom and Peter couldn't see me, I told them where I was, and they went to look for me, which resulted in them falling in too. Upon impact, Peter died and lost all his stuff, which I promptly took. It looked like we fell pretty deep so we had to dig our way out using stairs. It didn't take a very long time. Once Mom fell in and it took her a week to get out. For us, it took about half an hour or thereabouts, despite the zombies and creepers that were in the pit as well. But, just as we had finally made our way to the surface, my computer started getting wonky and logged me out. I tried to get back in again but then it logged me out again. 'Til next time!

Peter's news: I found a desert. I was looking around and I made a blue block in the desert 'cause I found the crafting thing for some reason. So when Mary called for me and Mom to save her, I rushed to save her. That's the only part she forgot to say in her report. That's all I want to say.

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