Friday, February 17, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #11 & 12

December 18, 2011
I really wanted to finish my house so I came back on to try and do it. A creeper somehow snuck into my house (I think because my bed was only one block away from him and I read on the wiki that they can get inside a fully enclosed house that way) and he blew a big hole inside. I was annoyed. Then I had a construction accident and fell several stories so that I was only at one heart. I'm glad I live close to the safe house! I recuperated and returned. My house isn't as pretty as MissColby's or as organized/well-stocked as Praxismaxis', but I'm proud of it because I made it myself!

My house, under construction.

Thank goodness Praxis gave me those "give Liragrim" hints. I searched and found some more useful data values.
5 = wood
26 = bed (although I can only get a piece)
64 = door (although my doors are all very short)
67 = cobblestone stairs
20 = glass
My house was very deep because of the creeper attack, but that inspired me to make two floors. It has a very low ceiling out of glass. My pick axe and shovel wore out and I exchanged them for new ones at the safe house. I somehow lost the bed I set up earlier. Inspired by Praxis' GamingEdus sign, I made a Lira sign out of dirt on the ground outside my house.
While digging near my mountain, I found rock that has pinky stuff in it. I have to look up to see what it is.

December 27, 2011
I hadn't been on Minecraft in a while so I went for a short visit. I admired my house some more and went to the safe house to do some comparing. Praxis' garden and farm looks great so I thought my next step would be to make my own garden. I went on the Minecraft wiki to learn how, but it's a lot more sophisticated than my current level of understanding. I need to hydrate my dirt to make it good for the wheat, but how? I built my fenced-in area near the lake near my house but my dirt still looks dry. I tried to plant all the grass seed I've collected but it won't go in the ground. I think I'll need to ask my students for help on this one or do some searching beyond the Minecraft wiki.

The second floor of my house.

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