Sunday, February 12, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #2 & 3

More journal entries - I'm combining two because they were short and I hadn't learned how to take or access screen shots at this point.

November 1, 2011
Not quite as successful as last time. I was on by myself. I decided to watch a video about how to do stuff - like open the chest. Then I decided to be brave and open the door and go exploring, so I could practice shooting with my bow. I accidentally threw away all 64 of my arrows. Then I thought I'd hit a tree and collect wood so I could craft something like I saw in the video. Before I could shut the door, a creeper came up to me and ate me! I respawned near some tree and I headed towards what turned out to be a building that wasn't our house. I died a second time when I accidentally tried to swim in lava.  I got lost again and I left my character hiding in some maze of passages. In good news, I put on my new skin. I think I need to watch more stuff and go on when others are around - I think I'll also ask my students how to do some stuff.

November 3, 2011
I definitely am a go-on-together sort of player! I coordinated with MissColby to play together and I'm glad I did. She found me wandering near the blown-out section of one of the safe houses. We went wandering together. MissColby gave me an axe and a raw chicken, which I can't eat yet. I picked up some rotten carcasses. I also figured out how to pick up the torch, even though it will only stay lit if I attach it to a wall. It's also not a good enough weapon or tool on its own. I killed my first pig! It took a long time but I was able to do it with the axe. I accidentally hit my friend once with the axe while hunting. She forgave me. I even helped MissColby make a hidey hole for night security while Denise and I were wandering - I piled dirt up! MissColby got attacked by a spider and I tried to help but I couldn't get to her. Denise gave me my best tip yet - don't use the laptop to play! I don't have a mouse for my laptop and it helps to have one. I loaded stuff on my desktop and it works just fine. My students were telling me about how to use the lava to get diamonds but I'm not at that stage yet.

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