Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Minecraft Journal #7 & 8

December 1, 2011
I haven't played in ages but today I surveyed my students to see who was interested in joining the Minecraft Club.
I only asked the two grade 7-8 classes. 31 kids asked for their names to be placed on the list. Two already have accounts. The funny thing is that a pair of boys approached me and said that I should give a quiz to people who want to join because we don't want to "waste time" with people who don't know the game or will just quit. They typed up a quiz for me to use and I wanted to reprint it here.

Minecraft Quiz by F and W
1) What's the best way to survive in Minecraft when you only have 20 torches and 1 stack of 64 woods?
2) What's the best way to start?
3) What kind of tools do youn need to mine obsidian?
4) What can you do with red stone?
5) How do you make a Nether portal?
6) What do you tame a wolf?
7) How long have you play (sic) Minecraft?
8) What makes you want to join the Minecraft Club?
9) How often do you play Minecraft in a week?

ETA: I spoke with the boys and mentioned that I would fail their test if I attempted it. They replied that they'd make an easier one. They were concerned about how the members would be selected. I suggested that I might want to draw random names or look at choosing people who were not already involved in many other clubs. They sounded okay with that.

December 13

This past Friday (Dec.9/11) we met F2F and then the next day (Dec.10/11) we played together online.

I finally got out of that ^%#@(*&^%$ hole! I joked that I'd give a donation to the Chilean miners' support fund - but I was seriously getting annoyed with being stuck underground! Thank goodness Praxismaxis helped me and led me out.

Liragrim in a minecart finally getting out of the hole!

MissColby's new house additions are gorgeous. We enjoyed the celebration cake although we had problems eating it and I really enjoyed herding the wild cow to join Praxis' lonely domestic cow in the pen. I don't know how we would have done it without several people helping. My next big goal is to build my own dwelling but I haven't gotten online to play since Saturday. I still need to buy my Minecraft Edu accounts.

Staring at our cake with no clue how to eat it

Herding cows is harder than it looks!

Having said that, I have been talking about Minecraft. The grade 2 student I was mentioning during our PLC meeting and I were chatting up a storm at recess. He was delighted to hear about the dragon as the end boss - my "street cred" rose tremendously with him. I found out that although he plays Call of Duty by himself, he plays Minecraft with his high-school aged brother. He's built his own farm. He offered to help me build my house. It's a kind offer but I think I need to be brave and take the plunge myself.

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