Saturday, February 25, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #24 & 25

January 21, 2012
Another day full of drama and adventure, hope and despair. Terra and Phisa decided to choose new skins. Terra went with a blond archer girl and Phisa looks like a purple knight. Terra and Phisa had their own goals. Terra wanted to reclaim her wolf and chose to walk the tracks to return home but when she turned around, the wolf was gone. She was sad but handled it like a trooper. Phisa wanted to do some minor stuff in the cave he and Praxis were working on. Phisa has become quite attached to Praxis - he doesn't want to do too deep into it without him because he wants to share the experience. Phisa dyed a sheep purple in Lupis Landing.

Purple sheep!
 I tried to find Phisa and Terra in Lupis Landing on my own but I couldn't, so I returned home. I read some of the /help tips. We tried /getpos (player name) but it was hard. You need to know the direction you're facing. At one point I was NW 315 degrees and Terra was NW 313 degrees but I couldn't translate that into finding her. I returned home and she found me there after. Terra and I decided to use our saddles and go pig riding.

Preparing our pig bronco
 We widened the pig pen near the safe house so we'd have room to ride. I also made a little shelter for the piggies. My coops do not seem to be working for my chickens - I only ever have 2-3 left in the pen when I check on them. I'm not a good farmer. Terra and I had fun riding. My pants stayed in sitting formation afterwards for a glitchy and oddball view.  Then Terra offered to show me around the desert.

Phisa and some of his many wolves

We took minecarts to get there and when we arrived, we had good news. Terra's wolf was still there! He was still loyal and followed her around. She had nearly given up on owning a wof. It's too bad we can't specifically mark a wolf to tell who is the owner. We could use this because Phisa has become, in his words, "a wolf magnet". Somehow he tamed and brought back home about a dozen wolves. Remember when my house was a chicken haven? Now it's a wolf pack party!  Terra showed me around the desert. She has a good sense of direction. Phisa teleported to us using /tp liragrim and about 5 of his wolves followed him. WE swam in an oasis, checked out caves under waterfalls and wandered around. However, tragedy occurred. Phisa saw a creeper and he was shooting him with his arrows - he was doing really well too, turning it brown and near death, but the creeper got too close and started to detonate. Unfortunately, several of Phisa's wolves came too close to Phisa and they died in the explosion. Peter was really upset, even though a few moments previously, he was complaining about how all his wolves got in his way. We tried to console him, reminding him he still had several more wolves at my house, but he was too depressed at the loss of his virtual pets. Around that time, the timer went off and so we all went back home using /home where we were safe and logged off. Peter sat on the stairs and cried and we hugged him. Mary offered to play Rayman Origins with him to cheer him up and that seems to have worked.

Phisa killing a creeper (that's why it's brown) prior to the accident.

January 22, 2012
I'll try to be brief, as it's nearly midnight as I type this.
Terra, Phisa and I (Lira) played for our usual time and then I let Terra go on my computer so her dad could use his. The two kid stayed on for an extra half-hour.
What did I do? Built the bridge to the nature preserve. I looked it up and found out that if you hold shift and walk backwards, you can access the face of the block you want to add to. I also made a new coop and fixed my Liragrim sign in front of my house.
What did Terra do? Her goal was to find that troll village she discovered a few days ago. She wandered far and wide but couldn't find it. She spends a lot of time in Lupis Landing and is considering building a house there.
What did Phisa do? He was a bit grumpy today. He spent a short time in the mines. He teleported to Terra when she found clay deposits in the water. He drowned while collecting it. He got even grumpier because he wanted to recover all his lost loot but couldn't remember the place where he had gone off to collect clay. He made his way back to his home with his new pack of recently acquired wolves and used codes to get all sorts of unusual things like cauldrons.

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