Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #19 & 20

January 10, 2012

Mary's Report (written and typed by Terragrim)

 Most of today was spent Chicken Farming.
 It started when we showed Mom (Liragrim) a bunch of things. First, a secret pool, created by the waterfall near Peter's (Phisagrim's) house. 

Playing in the secret pool
 After swimming for a while, we decided to show mom how to milk a cow. However, some of the Safe House's farm animals decided to be naughty and escape, when we opened the gate. The remaining animals were a few cows and a flock of chickens. While I milked, Phisa harvested the eggs the chickens dropped.
 When night fell, we headed inside. Phisa and Lira decided to try out their new bows on the roof. I was in bed, resting up. While I slept, the two decided to have a midnight snack. Eggs, specifically. But when Peter tried to eat them, his character threw them. Soon, there was a full fledged "Egg War" going on in the bed room. 
 But then, a baby chicken popped out of one of the eggs. For the last little while, mom's been trying to get her own little farm going by her house, this was a great opportunity to get some living creatures. We collected as many eggs as we could and went to Lira's house. However, I fell in the hole from our first adventure. Thankfully, we have stairs, in case anyone else falls.
 After returning to surface, we placed the eggs in pre-made pen. We had another egg fight and soon our corral was bursting with baby chicks.

Baby chickens appear like magic!

 We took a small break to go night fishing (trying and failing to catch an octopus), and braved a zombie attack overnight.
 In the morning, we made another pen, and used some more eggs.
 So this time, we were poultry princesses instead of beef barons.

January 12, 2012

Lira, Terra and Phisa gamed together. The server was a bit wonky but we managed. Remember all those chicken pens we made? Well, my house at the foot of the mountain is now surrounded, practically infested, with chickens and ducks! Several escaped their pens but others remain.

Chickens go crazy in the pen!
 The kids decided we should go looking for different kinds of animals and explore the old abandoned village. The village was neat. The buildings were quite sturdy. I liked the tables inside one of the old houses and tried to take it but it just turned to wood. We explored beyond the spooky village and it turns out we found a nature preserve! There was an area filled with pigs.

Baby piglets!

We fed them and saw baby piglets. Then we found an island that was filled with sheep - both black and white ones. I gave Terra shears and she got to collect wool for the first time. We lost each other a bit in the heavily forested wildlife sanctuary but we met up eventually. Even the trees are different here. We made our way back and decided to try and build track that would lead to the animal habitat. That way, no one has to force the animals to follow them long distance to go to a farm - you can visit them in the animals' original spots. We have to do some reading on how to build track - I was laying it and it goes in the wrong direction! We also have to learn how to place it on an incline. I also want to make a map of all our lands so I don't get lost. If it weren't for that Gaming Edus sign, I'd get lost constantly!

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