Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #30

January 26, 2012

Part 1 Update: At school, the grade 4s were asking about using Minecraft again and so when they finished recording their rocks and minerals response, I allowed kids to go on the single player Grade 4 World we created for Liragrim for them to explore. I learned from last time that I talked too much (when the kids were playing, they were chopping down trees barehanded and I kept pointing things out like that they could get more than one piece of wood per tree by looking up and hitting more) so instead of directing them, I let them explore themselves and I would only allow myself to comment or ask questions. One of the boys that is usually uninspired by school came ALIVE! He taught the girl using the keyboard/mouse how to make a crafting table and recommended she dig a hole to get away from creepers in the vicinity. When another boy got a chance at the keyboard, he pressed A for attack over and over again and dug himself into a deep hole and found a vein of lava. The gasps of the 5-kids-thick audience showed they understood the danger. "How are you going to get out?" I asked. My "leader" did it. I didn't want to listen in too much and the boy said "you didn't hear everything I said, did you?" I admitted I didn't (busy monitoring the recording pairs in the hallway and teaching the tacher how to use the Senteo response system) and he said "good" - though I don't think he said anything horrible. He said he liked my skin.
Update 2
Terragrim's Minecraft Report:
 Yesterday, after my giving up on finding the village and suffocating in yet another wall, Lira decided to build me a house on Lupus Landing, whether I wanted it or not. That turned out to be both a good thing and a bad thing. Since I spend so many long days lost in Lupus Landing's vast forests, plains, deserts, caves and mountains, a house would be a good thing to keep me warm and dry. I'd be able to sleep through the night without having to fend off the beasties. But considering the number of beasties that inhabit Lupus Landing, not to mention the massive amounts of lava on the surface, it's a dangerous place to live.
 This didn't discourage Lira though. We swam off to Lupus Landing, Phisa staying behind for the time being. After wandering for a few minutes, we came across a small body of water coated in ice. In the middle was a small peninsula. The area was surrounded by hills on all sides.If we set up camp on the peninsula, then we'd be able to see the monsters coming down from the mountains. However, there would still be the mountains connected the peninsula to the mainland.
 We decided that this area was the perfect place for my house and set to work. Seeing how MissColby's house worked so well on stilts, and with the bay surrounding it, we decided to mimic this. First, I severed the peninsula from mainland, "making" an island. Lira began to work on the stilts. After a while, we had a a platform suspended in the air, with Lira above and me below. Lira started on the walls when we realized that she had no way of getting down.
 So, we began to make stairs, to get up and down. After our first attempt, we realized we had miscalculated, so the steps were too near to the house. So we started over.

Making stilts

 Once the stairs were finished, we started on making a door. Since this house was meant to be fashionable as well as functional, Mom decided to make the door out of iron, to match the rest of the grey and silver house. However, when I tried to get inside, I was locked out! So in the end, we had to settle with a wooden door.
 The roof is still a work in progress, since Lira also wanted to mimic MissColby's sloping roof. But unfortunately, we'd have to do that another day.

Terragrim is locked out!

 Finding our way from my picturesque house to Lupus Landing Station is also a work in progress. Since Lupus Landing is a fairly unexplored area, there aren't many familiar landmarks that can point us back to the Safehouse. My goals for next time are to get myself a roof, as well as build a path back to Lupus Landing Station.
 So for now, it's just me and my newly found wolf waiting for another adventure.

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