Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mega-Player Heroica

The other day, we had a six-player epic Heroica match, combining three different play-sets. It was a very interesting experience, especially considering that 50% of the players were children (aged 12, 9, and 7). One of the rules in Heroica state that if you land on a square already occupied by another player, you just jump one vacant spot ahead. This made traveling much quicker than usual, because many of us were moving in the same direction and this turned some 4-step paces into 5 or 6. I played Hudge, my barbarian, and I actually won the game. (I think my husband was mildly relieved - the boys in the group would have bragged and boasted for hours if they were triumphant.) The photo below is of my Hudge with all his trophies - he killed a lot of monsters! Hudge wore a "hat' to distinguish him from the other barbarian in the game.

It was fascinating to see the different ways we all approached the game. My husband read out the rules to everyone and he was continually interrupted by our youngest two players who either tried to explain or contradict the procedures before hearing them. Since the boys were either a) precisely right or b) completely wrong and misguided with their predictions, it was a good thing we reviewed and agreed on a single set of guidelines. You can read my husband's recollection of this game here on his blog.

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