Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Risk Legacy

Our weekend board game group continues to gather together to play. I was trying out a "new" camera and the macro features are pretty nice. This game was a bit different from the previous rounds. My husband won his first game. Our family friend D describes Risk: Legacy as a "rage machine" because emotions can run high when people play. D himself is very competitive. Our daughter gets into it in a different way and gets upset if she believes that people are "being mean". Thankfully, neither my husband nor I are as fixated. If I were, I'd be devastated at the latest turn of events. My iron grip on Australia was overcome when another player established a major city in Australia/Womania, stopping me from beginning there in the future. (He called it Manhammer - ha, ha.)

Odd item #1 - my daughter didn't start in "her" city!

Odd item #2: my girl used a "take Asia" tactic!

Odd item #3: my husband's army took D's HQ!

Odd item #4: Womania's capital city is now Manhammer!

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