Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #64, 65 & 66

April 6, 2012
Terragrim's Report
Today was mostly spent with our big nosed neighbours, the villagers. It started with updating the 1.2.5 patch. We found out from the helpful Minecraft title screen that the villages were updated. I decided to go and take a look. There I saw that some villagers were in different clothes than usual. We found out this was because villagers had classes now. Priests wore purple, Librarians wore white and Blacksmiths wore aprons.
We even found out that the parents classes affected the baby. Much to Phisa's delight, there were plenty of baby priests running through the streets.

Specialized villagers

Since we spent so much time there, Phisa and i decided that our village should be classed up a bit. No pun intended. As a slight ode to GameChap, we decided our village needs a mayor. So, we were able to fence in a villager with a cobblestone desk and a chest full of gold and jewels. So that people knew who he was, we put up a sign reading "Mayor Testificate's Office"
Testificates was another nod to older minecrafters, who remember when villagers first came out, with the nametag "Testificate" floating above their heads.
The rest of the village was also adorned with signs and other such things. We made signs for the 4 communal corn crops, the church and the blacksmith's. We also made a treasury in the mayor's house.
Finally, we decided to name the town. Due to the large amounts of pigs surronding it, we dubbed the town Pork York.
But that's all for today.

April 7, 2012

Phisagrim's Report (dictated by Phisa, typed by Lira)

We didn't really do much today but we did have a wonderful time. I basically was finishing my chicken race. When I came in, I was shocked that, by surprise, a bunch of random stuff that I didn't expect to be there was there - a chest and a crafting table - I didn't expect there to be one. I also remembered that there were five Ender pearls in there. I remember I gave Praxis some so I'm not entirely sure. The ladder was shaped weirdly. It was shaped like a P. Well, I didn't do this myself, obviously, 'cause we didn't have so much time today. So, I fixed it up a little, put some obstacles, and some of the animals were escaping because SOMEONE put some stairs (not like the ones like you craft, just normal blocks crafted into stairs). I was wondering who would put ladders on steps like that.

Terragrim was in the jungle, looking for Techna's house. She heard she has a treehouse in the jungle.
Liragrim also got a tuxedo cat. Meow! I only got one.  That's it.

Lira's cat Puss - one is just enough

April 8, 2012
Well, we intended on playing for just an hour but played for 2.5 hours instead. This wasn't a big problem because it was a holiday weekend. At first, the Grims were just working on the chicken race arena. Phisagrim coerced us into making a spectator area for the zone. Terragrim had a great idea to use lapis lazuli blocks for the pillars so it would look unique. While we were working, our newest server member, Technascribe, came online. We were excited to meet her. Phisa popped over to tour her elaborate jungle village. It was gorgeous.

Group shot

I have to say it's really nice to have "new blood" on the server. It makes us appreciate all the neat things in the world we created with fresh eyes. Eventually, Praxis came on. We took group photos and wandered around. We were going to defeat a dungeon but Technascribe beat us to the punch. Instead, we decided to monkey around with the PvP Battle zones. There are still some snags because we can't have two simultaneously existing battle zones but once we found everything, it worked relatively well. Once we finish the chicken race, I think our next goal is to build a Rainbow Road between a pair of mountains.

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