Friday, April 13, 2012

Conquering Chaos

A few days ago, my husband and I dropped everything we were doing to watch our children tackle the final boss, Chaos, in their Skylanders game. My son usually barrels through and finishes games in record time (like "Kirby and the Amazing Mirror", which he received April 12 and finished April 13) but he held off attempting this end task for this game for many months. My husband suggested that it was because he was a bit nervous about attempting the goal and he wanted to ensure that all of his Skylander characters were at least at level 8.

Hubby and I enjoyed watching the action. Our kids played pretty aggressively against their foes and we couldn't help but call out certain strategy recommendations and tips. (Maybe my reading of James Paul Gee and his chapter about unlearning techniques when they aren't as successful later on influenced me.) I think it helped. They conquered the big bad guy and won the day. It was nice to have the adults cheering on the kids - it was a family event.

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