Sunday, April 1, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #56 & 57

March 17, 2012
Today we continued to work on a lot of our current Minecraft projects. Praxis popped on for a bit to visit and was impressed with what he saw.
I did some research on PvP / Battlenight command codes and actually made the Nether PvP functional. It still has some bugs - I have to figure out if we can have two PvP areas because right now, the only one is the Nether version.It still needs a spectator area.
Phisa convinced Terra to work on the Magma Restaurant. It's a posh dining establishment now, with tables and chairs, a captured Magma in a glass cage for your viewing pleasure, and music piped in to enhance the experience.
We also visited the Lavender Castle and sheep farm. Some wooly guests escaped somehow so we added another room to the massive mansion of dirt.

Sheep mob!

March 21, 2012
Terragrim's Minecraft Report:

Today was possibly one of the most historic days in the history of the Gaming Edus server. It started off with my newest obsession. Since I was content with my NPC village, I decided to go off in search of the jungle biome.
 I simply decided to walk in one direction until I found something. Praxis told us that if you walk to somewhere you've never been, you'll possibly find something patched. So, I went off to Spooky Village to start my search. Or, the ruins of Spooky Village, after a creeper attack. A few houses were harmed in the blow.
 I walked straight behind the Village, towards the nature preserve, and just kept on going. Soon I came across a massive body of water, dotted with the occasional swampy island. I was unable to chat, my hand glued to my "jump" key, to keep me afloat.
 I was nearly sure that there was nothing there but water, until I saw a green, leafy, viney patch of ground. We had finally found our jungle!
 I explored for a while, Lira teleporting to Phisa and me to help our search. We went about 15 minutes without so much as a trace of an ocelot, until Phisa found a speck of yellow in the leaves. Fish in hand, he instantly tamed the creature. When tamed, the cat's fur pattern changed to a cartoony orange stripe. Within the next few minutes, 2 other Garfield like cats joined his party.

Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, eat your heart out!

 I was a bit jealous of Phisa's success at finding these illusive beasts. Phisa seemed to be able to tell this, so he decided to help me. The first few attempts were failures, where I ended up scaring the cat away. They were much too fast for me to run after, so I didn't chase them.
 Finally, Phisa found an ocelot, standing in a lower branch of a tree, unaware of our presence. I took this opportunity to catch it. Phisa had no objection, considering he "gave" it to me.
 When the cat was tamed, its fur changed to black, with green eyes and a white belly. This was the second rarest house-cat fur colour. Now it was Phisa's turn to be a bit jealous!
 While we fumbled with the "time set day" code, my cat protected me from creepers in the night. (Did you know that creepers are scared of cats?) The zombies, not so much.
 The next morning, I decided to be risky. As much as I enjoyed the jungle, I wanted to get home. Even though it may have meant losing my hard-to-find cat, I tried teleporting anyway. The cat successfully followed me.
 Since the cat had lived long enough, I decided to name him. His new name is Ebony, due to his black fur.
 Phisa, unfortunately, was not as lucky. When he teleported back home, all three of his tabbies vanished. He was a bit sad for a while, but perked up when I told him I'd bring him back to the jungle to catch more. But that's an adventure for another day.

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