Saturday, April 28, 2012

"I Am A Pirate"

(Hi, this is Mary. This is my first post, or the first post I've directly written myself.)

 Earlier today, I was reminded of something from years ago, that I hadn't thought about in ages.
 Daddy and I were having a conversation about movies, which then for some reason, lead to talking about the Movie "The Mouse And The Motorcycle." I used to love that movie as a young child.
 Since I have such a sharp memory, I had a very vivid flashback to the scene I was talking about. It was late at night. We were at Grandma M's house. I was upstairs with Mommy and Peter, getting ready for bed. I was probably seven at the time, since that was the last time I visited Baltimore. I was looking at some old books Grandma had lying around, including the original "The Mouse and The Motorcycle" books.
 Meanwhile, Mom and Peter were playing a game called "I am a Vampire" that they made up on the spot. One person played the Vampire, respectively the "It", who would try to catch all the non-vampires, while yelling "I am a Vampire and I'm going to suck your blood." Whoever the vampire caught had to become the new vampire.
 One thing that made me laugh was Peter. Whenever Peter was "It", he would follow all the rules of the game. But when he had to say the vampire's main line, his mangled baby speech made "I Am A Vampire" become "I Am A Pirate".
 I could understand how "vampire" for him could become "pirate". They're both antagonistic characters with the "pire" sound in their name.
 This rememberance made Daddy laugh and my brother embarassed.
 This is what happens in conversations at the Maliszewski house.

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