Monday, April 9, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #60 & 61

March 30, 2012

Terra will write more later on, because I didn't get to play with them, due to Terra's updated-too-soon laptop.
To be brief: Phisa was very sad because he fell down a large pit and his cats perished with him. He created a memorial for his deceased pets near the site of their demise.

Tree-sized mushrooms Terra made to cheer up Phisa

The memorial

ETA - We never got around to editing this post. 

March 31, 2012

Phisagrim's Report (dictated by Phisa)

In the morning, we were in a cave full of diamonds, gold and iron. We were also trying to find slimes. And there was a success. The slime was captured but of course, eventually, it will despawn. 

The slime, prior to being caught.

Later on, while we were building the path to the jungle, Lira found a bunch of cats in the middle of the path. I realized it was my cats. They hadn't died after I fell over a huge crater. I felt happy. I couldn't have wished anything better than that to happen. So, we continued on. I had all three kind of ocelot forms - my first one was a tabby, the easiest. The second one I got was the rarest - a Siamese. Last was the tuxedo, the one I wanted. It was in between. We thought lava from the ceiling in the big crater was blood but it was just lava.

Evidence of what we thought was blood.

In the afternoon, I found a pink sheep. I did not dye it - it can be found natural but very hard to find. I only found two near the jungle. If you want to find one, look around the jungle. We finished the Cat Centre, a place where you can let your cats stay, safe and sound. 

The Cat Centre with an attentive client.

The reason you would want a cat is to protect you from creepers. We had to catch many of my sheep in my castle to the castle again. Also, I made a wolf puppy. What you do is tame two wolves, then give them two meat, such as chicken, beef, pork chop, and so on, and they go to mate and they make a baby. Even the baby will fight for you. There was a spider jockey on the track to the jungle. It's basically a spider being rode by a skeleton. 

Spider jockey on the bridge to the jungle!

They're difficult to kill but they are still easy. Extremely hard to find, very rare. You can actually upgrade armor with an enchanted bookcase. If you want to find one, look in Liragrim's house, Phisagrim's house, aka me, and somewhere in the safe house. I made it Projectile Protection. All I know is that it decreased how much arrow damage. We also had a snowball / egg fight. We were throwing snowballs and eggs rapidly. We didn't even take cover. I was surprised. Take it away Lira about our idea.

Phisagrim and I were on our own in the late afternoon / evening (because Terragrim was at a birthday party) and we walked to the Trouble House to update our signs and then we traveled to the Dye Factory to start our next project. I want to make a Mount Rushmore monument to the founding members of the Gaming Edus server. Phisa helped me a lot because I don't know how to dye wool. I looked at our skins and drew a map of the colours I needed in the particular ratio. He gave me what I needed from the dye factory, although we do not have any brown wool and he needs more ink sacks to make grey wool. We are looking forward to more adventures. 

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