Sunday, April 15, 2012

Don't Open That Envelope!

Tonight, five of us played Risk Legacy. Another work friend (the one that introduced us to Telestrations) joined our crew. She hadn't played Risk as an adult, so explaining the rules, especially to a complex and ever-changing version like Risk Legacy, left her head spinning. Despite being the neophyte, she won.

Two big events happened in this game. The first was that four nuclear missiles were used in one single battle, which meant that we could open a new envelope. This envelope contained a brand new faction - the mutants! In honour of this epic moment in our Risk Legacy history, my daughter drew a comic depicting the action. My hubby threw the first missile, then our family friend, then my daughter, then our friend again.

The second big event occurred after my work friend won the game. Our family friend (boy, I'm going to need to develop nicknames for these people to keep them all sorted out!) mentioned the "forbidden envelope" that says "do not ever open this envelope". 3 of the 5 current players voted to open the envelope anyway. I won't spoil the surprise, but the contents have significant ramifications for the game play. Risk Legacy for our crew has changed again. It's a brilliant game.

(Oh, and we did play a bit of Telestrations beforehand which had me in stitches - how could I not laugh when the drawing clues go from Diana to Papa Bear to Killer Pig for the same topic?)

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