Monday, April 2, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #58 & 59

March 27, 2012

3rd journal? Who would have thought it possible? (ETA: This is the third page on the wiki for my journal.)
It was just Liragrim, Phisagrim and MissColby on tonight because Terragrim was watching our new DVD of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. MissC had visited our house in person and the younger Grims had shown her all the neat things that had been happening on the Gaming Edus server. MissC has been a busy beaver so she had not been on lately, but tonight she tried to rectify that. Her goal was to build a house in the Nether. Phisa and I decided to guard her as she worked and help out when we could. There were a lot of ghast attacks but we defended the fort well. MissC likes to kill the zombie pig men, even though they swarm her when she makes the first strike. We logged off shortly after she did - after all, it was a school night!

MissC fights the zombie pig men in the Nether!

A home-away-from-home in the Nether must have a pool!

Here's my first Fraps video - of Phisagrim's Nether Restaurant!

March 28 2012

Terragrim's Minecraft Report:
Today there was not much to take note of. It was only Phisa and me online. I accidentally clicked "update" and now the Minecraft on my laptop has gone all weird. Lira generously let me use her computer for the night. First, we played around in the Nether, fighting off two large magma cubes and a Ghast. 

Magma cubes get a little feisty!

Then Phisa and I revisited the jungle, in an attempt to find more ocelots. I saw two, but was unable to catch either of them. Phisa did find some jungle saplings and was able to plant them in his tree farm. Though it may not have seemed like much, this adventure really got the wheels turning in my mind. Next time, I plan to build a pathway, like the one to our nature preserve, to the jungle. But that's all for now.

ETA: Here's my second Fraps-made video of Phisa's pet cats. Sorry they weren't able to teleport (although Terra's did).

ETA: I know I already posted these videos on the blog already but I'm re-posting since they happened on this day.

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