Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

I was super-excited to have a new friend join our weekend board game group. We play Minecraft together online (she's the amazing, incomparable MissColby in Minecraft and @Niecsa on Twitter). She brought a tasty red velvet cake for dessert (yum!) and a new game for us to try: Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Five of us played (my daughter, my husband, our friend D, MissC, and I) and it was a scary fun adventure.

Everyone is a character that is exploring parts of a haunted house. Weird things happen, you roll to see if they damage your physical or mental well-being (there are two stats for physical and two for mental), and at some point all the omens and other cards add up with an unfortunate dice roll to start a haunting. One of the players becomes a villain and two separate books (one for the betrayer and one for the rest of the players) describes what must be done to win. D, our family friend, was murdered by a madman - he then had to play the role of the madman and his legion of zombies. D, as we've insinuated before, is a highly competitive player who shows no mercy; despite this, we nearly won. Our girl was the last one standing. We didn't realize the impact the game would have on her - she actually had a nightmare that evening, poor thing!

Here are some photos taken during the game of the board and pieces.

My character's statistics tracker.

A close up of my character.

My character and her dog. I named him Cujo.

The instructions for how we were to handle the haunting.

Part of the game board, with characters fleeing the zombies.

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