Monday, March 19, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #54 & 55

March 15, 2012
(written March 16, 2012)
We played for a very long time because a) it's March Break and b) we couldn't get on prior to this because the server's IP address changed. In fact, we stayed up until past 1:00 a.m. playing!
Phisa made a "trouble house", in which players can post signs explaining in-game challenges they are having that they'd like to get some assistance with.

Appeals for help inside the "trouble house"

One of the signs said that someone would like to have a PvP battle arena in the Nether. We decided that it would be a great project to undertake. After finding our way back from the confusing woods (without any feline pets), Phisagrim became obsessed with a new task - he decided he wanted to make a sheep farm. What was bizarre was that he built this sheep farm near the Torch Trail, in an area that does not possess a lot of sheep!  He called his place "Lavender's Castle and Sheep Farm" after his first purple sheep.

Lavender and her baby enjoy their posh pad

Terragrim and I went wandering off to examine the Nether for a good place to build. Phisa called us back and to our surprise, he was able to find a few sheep to populate his farm. He dyed them bright colours and created a lavish home for them, complete with art inside the dwelling. Phisa asked us to guard his sheep while he worked on his building. While keeping watch, we saw a very rare spider jockey!

It's hard to see because it's dark, but the spider-jockey is there!

Terragrim went to bed earlier than the rest of us. I recommended that Phisa increase the size of his farm and began to build an extension. Tragedy nearly occurred when Phisa destroyed the dividing wall before I had completed making the walls to contain all the animals and his creatures started to escape. We worked quickly and caught all the wandering flock members with wheat. The pink ones seem particularly troublesome. I had a good talk with Phisa about how he was like Jesus the Good Shepherd because he went seeking his one lost sheep even after rescuing and caring for all the rest. Once they were all safe, we called it a night, eager to return and do some more.

March 16, 2012
Today was another long and fruitful session. We returned to Phisa's Sheep Farm to build yet another extension to the building.

I know my sheep, and mine know me!

While Terragrim and I slaved away on Phisa's animal husbandry project, Phisagrim began a new project - a nearby chicken coop, made entirely of gold. Terra and I returned to the Nether to scout out and finalize our PvP Nether plans. Phisa got frustrated because his chickens kept escaping his pen through a hole in the dwelling. Terra and I finally chose a place and began construction. The site of our PvP pre-battle zone is high up. There was glow stone in the rock already so we decided to continue the theme by building the floor out of that material. Phisa eventually came to the Nether but got excited about caging a magma cube and we were conscripted into his latest building project.

Not George the VI, but Sid

He played with his pet Magma Cube while Terra and I built the pen around him using smooth stone blocks. We even made viewing windows so that visitors could see the captured cube. He named his new pet cube "Sid" (inspired by GameChap).

Peek at the animals, just like at the zoo

Then Terra and I got back to work on the PvP area. I got a bit perturbed with Phisa because after all the help we gave him with his sheep castle, magma cage, and other projects, he was reluctant to even examine the original PvP area to tell us what we needed to have in the preparation huts because he didn't want to empty his inventory to enter the room. We made the prep huts out of Nether Brick, 6X6 and 4 blocks high. We even generated bedrock to use as the fence surrounding the entire pre-battle area.

We fight in style at the Glow Stone Battle Arena!

Phisa went off to build a new Snack Shack in the Nether (I didn't know it was a franchise) while I went off to build the battle arena. I had 5 x 64 blocks of Netherrack so I chose to build a flat landscape high up and build around the lava falls to make it especially difficult. Boy, was it difficult! Ghasts attacked me while I was building, creating holes in the floor and causing me to tumble far below into flames. I had to teleport home several times to jump in the water so I wouldn't die. I'm not even sure if the area will survive until the first actual battle there. I visited Phisa's new snack shop and decided I had accomplished enough for the day.

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