Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #39

February 9th 2012

Terragrim's Minecraft Journal
 Today was full of adventures in the Nether. We started off slow at first, with Phisa working on his Water Multiplier and me exploring Lupus Landing in hopes of finding the Village. Lira joined my party half way, as we wandered aimlessly.
 Things really heated up when Praxis came on half way through. You should've seen Phisa's face light up as the name popped up on screen.
 True to our agreement from last time, Phisa joined us in the Nether, along with Praxis. Much like last time, a welcoming party composed of Ghasts met us. I ran as fast as I could to the Nether Safehouse. Lira fell out of the wrong side of the portal, and had to walk up the mountain of NetherRock to reach us.

Praxismaxis, master of his domain!

 When we were united, the boys took out the Ghast with their bows, while I watched from afar. Unfortunately, another Ghast took it's place. And the next. And the next. We came to the conclusion that killing Ghasts, although temporarily helpful, would get us no where.
 So we went on to killing Pig Zombies. We caught ourselves on fire a fair number of times, but this didn't matter much. Since the laws of Physics don't apply in the Nether World, we found plenty of water to extinguish our flames.
 Speaking of flames, this was where Phisa's paradise came in. While in a pool of water, we found that there was someone behind us, trying to kill us. We turned around to find quite a few Magma Cubes there to ambush us. We fought them off as best we could, but they only made more. They reminded me of the Hydra. Each time you knock one down, it splits into three more.
 We were able to defeat them, along with the accompanying Pig Men and Ghast, with a bit of effort. I was just about to go into the Nether House when Praxis called us over. He had found himself a "friend." A small Magma Cube. He seemed to be quite social, always jumping up to the nearest player. We weren't sure if he was trying to hug us, or hurt us, but we didn't care.

Near the Netherworld Safehouse

 The creature took a special liking to Phisa, following him around everywhere. Phisa gladly returned the slime-like beast's affections, and named him George.
 However, George's life was short lived. He fell into a puddle, only minutes after being named, and melted. Phisa was greatly aggrieved, but soon moved on. 
 But I think don't he'll recover from this next event. While the rest of us were off on our own, Praxis building something, Lira recovering from a Ghast attack, and me exploring Praxis's second Nether Portal, Phisa took on a mob of 5 or 6 Pig Men. Unfortunately, the Pig Men won the battle, leaving Phisa shamed and scared to venture back into the Nether.

Talking with George

 While this was happening, I found that the Portal lead to a secret room in the Safehouse (In the real world's Safehouse, not the Nether Safehouse) only accessible by waterfall.
 In short, we had an eventful night.

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