Saturday, March 10, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #46 & 47

February 21, 2012
Time flies when you are having fun, especially fun in a group! When the Grims went online tonight, MissColby was present and we were eager to show her all the new things in the world. We PvPd a bit. Praxis joined us, to our delight. Phisagrim has become quite the entrepeneur/capitalist.

Pouring rain in the PvP area

He loves running his Snack Shack although he was sad that there wasn't a constant stream of customers. Prax gave him good advice; we'll see if he takes it. I decided to rob his store. He ignored me until I hit him a few times with my sword and then stole his cakes. He caught up with me and pummeled me until I returned the stolen merchandise and promised not to steal (cakes) again. We loved the lightning storm we saw. We fought creatures near the Trading Post and admired Praxismaxis' "house on a floating island". We fought more creatures near the NPC village and rescued an ingrate Squidward from the well. The adults swapped a bit of Shakespeare talk and planned for our F2F meeting this coming week. We foresee a Hunger-Games-esque arena but MissC needs to read the books first. We ended with some more PvP matches (everyone is quite good) and vowed to return soon.

February 22, 2012
(but written March 7, 2012) - I enchanted my sword with a special bookstand, courtesy of Phisagrim. That's all I can recall.

Ooh sparkly sword!

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