Saturday, March 3, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #34

January 31, 2012

Yesterday I met with my school's Minecraft Club members. I think my students are clever, insightful and a pleasure to be with!
Our discussion items were to establish our group norms for in-class / in-game conduct and to arrange our pre-play plans.

Here are the in-game rules for my school:
1) don't go in other people's houses without permission
2) don't grieve (take items you don't own / destroy other people's stuff)
3) fighting is only allowed in the battle arena (which they'll build)
4) you can ask but don't beg for stuff - the students will create individual, school and whole-community chests for items (chest types determined by signs)
5) no OP powers (depends on if we have challenges to complete)
6) no swearing in chat

Here are the in-club rules for my school:
i) you must come unless you have a good reason (detention is not good, remedial help is)
ii) you must contribute to the wiki journal
iii) you must access the TDSB / EDGE Lab server only during club times

The consequence for not following club or game rules = the "3 strikes" method (three warnings and then you are kicked out)
All of these rules were designed by the students. Aren't they great?!

 Terragrim's Minecraft Report:
 Today was our snow day. It started out at my frozen lake, where I was giving Praxis a tour of my new house. Phisa ported to us to see what we were doing, yet paid us little attention.
 While Lira, Praxis and I went to explore my new neighbourhood, Phisa crafted "Snow Golems". However, we didn't know this until we returned from our outing, watching wolves kill sheep and attempting to kill creepers ourselves. When we came back, Phisa unveiled his creation and dubbed it "Jay". I was slightly unnerved by Jay, with his snowman-like body and jack-o-lantern head. Not knowing how to control Jay, Phisa left it to wander in my woods, leaving a path of snow in his wake. But since it's always snowy here, I can't tell where he went, nor would I care to find out.

Phisagrim poses with Jay, his snow golem

 We decided to return to the main land, after the boys left. Lira decided to craft a bow first, after a creeper encounter that night. Once finished, we set off across my nature trail, which will forever remain track free (Terragrim is based off of the nature-smart aspect of the intelligence, and won't allow polluting trains in her woods.) We took a cart back to the mainland, where we found yet more golems lurking about. I named the others Kay and Ray, as well Phisa's creation of Jay 2. And 3. By default, all golems were Jay's, unless stated otherwise by their creator.
 We also returned to find a huge sign reading "Rayman" above Lira's house, that bore resemblance to the Hollywood sign. Lira wasn't pleased, but didn't say so.
 By the time night fell, we found a grand total of 7 golems "protecting" our livestock. Once the moon was up, I sat on safe house roof to look at Phisa's work. What I found was an ambush. A group of skeleton archers, zombies and the occasional creeper was gathered around the safe house. Phisa and Lira fended most of them off with their bows and arrows, but the damage we found the next morning was great. Nearly half of the golems were defeated that night, True, they had protected us with snowballs, as Phisa had told us, but they had also been blown up. The pig pen was in bad shape. One wall had been completely blown off.

Examining the carnage

  We tried to repair the damage, but we didn't get very far. Tomorrow, my project is to restore the pig pen, the golems and Phisa's happiness. The boy loves his Jay's.

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