Thursday, March 8, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #42 & 43

February 14, 2012
(written Feb. 18/12)
How did YOU spend your Valentine's Day? After our family went out to dinner, we went on Minecraft and we were lucky enough to see both Praxismaxis and MissColby. MissColby got a new skin, which we liked very much.

The gorgeous MissColby!

Terra gave a tour of the secret Nether portal room in the safe house, accessible through a waterfall. It's tricky getting in via this route.We went beastie-squashing outside the safe house and then entered the Nether. We couldn't stay too long because it was a school night for everyone.

Getting there is part of the challenge!

February 18, 2012

 Today was full of exciting accomplishments. When we first got on, Phisa immediately ran to see Praxis (who was online at the time). After he finished all his greetings, he started on his latest project. A very dangerous Silverfish spawner. Outside Lira's house, I must add.

It's ALIIIIIIIIVE! Silverfish aquarium anyone?

 Meanwhile, while Phisa tried to catch the creature he accidentally set loose, I was out doing what I do best: looking for NPC Villages. Without much luck, at first. But after about half an hour of wandering, I came across a small watery area, full of nothing but grass, pigs and sheep. It was fairly flat terrain, with a few little hills. I followed it for quite a while until I saw a tower, like a church spire. I walked towards it and gasped. The impossible had happened. I had found my village.

 I could tell from its size that it wasn't a village I had found before. It was fairly large, with a wide variety of buildings. Houses, the church I had seen before, a forge and the town's well. This village even had lamp posts crafted from fence posts and torches. And of course, it was inhabited by my dark skinned, big-nosed friends the villagers.

 I was thrilled. Lira decided to teleport to me, so as to see it for herself. It was a smart move on her part, and a benefit to me. As I did with Mel's Lapis house and my own house, I built the highest tower I could so it could be seen from a great distance. Once I couldn't go any higher, I ported down to Lira, then tried to retrace my steps.

No one could miss this indicator!

 Phisa decided to join us. Night was coming, so we went for another round of beastie squashing. We were very brave, with me taking on an ender, Phisa shooting creatures left and right and Lira, fighting 6 creepers head on. 

 In the morning, I continued retracing my steps, making another torch trail from the village to the closest landmark. I followed my path back to a pair of sandy mountains, sporting a waterfall and an all-too familiar house of glass, gold and lapis lazuli. I climbed the mountain, a path of torches behind me. I finally reached the Egyptian looking building, stopping my path with a sign, telling the reader to follow the path to the village.
 Before we logged out, I held up in the Lapis house overnight, ready for my next adventure in the village.

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