Friday, March 9, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #44 & 45

February 19, 2012
(but written February 20)
A brief synopsis of the day in Minecraft. We found out Praxis had made a PvP Battle Arena so we went to check it out. Praxis was there briefly and showed us how it worked. We had some matches. At night the monsters join in the fight - on no one's side. A creeper blew up part of the arena so we fixed it. It was a lot of fun.

And may the odds be EVER in your favour!

February 20, 2012
(dictated by Phisagrim)

Today we had all sorts of fun. We battled each other at the Island of Doom. We even increased how long we can go there. You can watch more and also I had a very cool idea to make a snack stand without a mod. I gave people food while the others watched the others fight. 

Praxismaxis and I spent a lot of time on the big bridge and we were working on the snack stand plus the battle arena. He made another abandoned fortress. We made some trees and surprisingly, I got an apple. Here's what I've learned about apples.
  • it's a one out of a few chances to find one in the leaves of a tree
  • you can eat cake when it is placed
I might even hire someone for my food stand in Gaming Edus, so if you are the lucky person, you get to work at my stand. I will pay them a golden sword. Soon I am going to make my mod. It's armor that can spawn enemies. I am going to do a new class for PvP called monster tamer. It is able to tame monsters with a monster staff and feeding it red vile substance to make it stronger. It will also give you leather armour. I am also planning something - a trading store. For example, a wore-down golden sword for a stone sword. Isn't that wonderful? But of course, you'll have to find it by yourself. If you want a hint, here's one word: Lapis Lazuli House. So look around there if you really really want to find it. That's all I have to say. Thank you for listening. Goodbye.

(report by Terragrim)
 As Phisa stated above, before we even started playing, he had the idea of building a trading post out in the middle of no where, for travelers to replenish their stock of food, armour and weapons. They could also use it as a place to rest for the night and escape from monsters.

The trading post. Think "The Hudson's Bay Co." in Minecraft.

 We decided to go to work after a few rounds of PvP in Praxis's updated arena, complete with Count Doom's abandoned mausoleum. While Phisa stayed behind to help Praxis even further, Lira and I went off into the wilds of Lupus Landing to scout out the perfect location for our trading post.
 We didn't want it to be too close to other buildings, other wise it would be pointless. Then again, we couldn't have it too far removed, or else no one would find it. So we settled on a place in between: The Field of Monsters, via the Torch Trail II. In broad daylight these rolling hills are harmless open spaces full of wild life. But at night, it becomes the most popular hang out for beasties, and a great place to earn experience. 
 We set to work straight away. Lira wanted the Trading Post to be visited, so we constructed a huge diamond sign on front, much like the highlighter yellow "Rayman" sign hanging above Lira's house. When we were finished, the sign read "TRADE".
 Next, we worked on building the other walls out of NetherRock. Surprisingly, it was a fairly sturdy building material. My only complaint on this process was our mathematical failures. We continued to place the wrong amount of bricks, due to our inability to count properly.
 Once these walls were mostly finished, we began on the roof. It wasn't anything special at first, just a normal, flat roof. I was nearly half done when Lira realized that I had built it too low, causing the room to be pitch black inside. With a huge amount of grumbling, I destroyed, then rebuilt the roof, adding skylights (at Lira's request) to brighten the room.
 We then added windows along the walls. Still, it was fairly dark and empty in our large, 25-by-12 house.
 Through the cold, rainy night, we included decorations and furniture, such as torches, beds, chests and signs. It was hard to label the chests with categories. We always seemed to forget something.
 We spent the rest of our time trapped in the house, while a creeper-costumer waited for us to open for business. I decided to exit through the opposing set of doors, and shoot him from the roof. Other creepers came out to play, and the boys came to defeat them. One creeper blew a hole right next to the house, leaving the blocks quivering and glowing black. Having watched too many GameChap videos, Phisa and I presumed it to be TNT. Praxis told us it was just a glitch, and we were relieved that our work wouldn't be ruined.
 We returned to the Isle of Doom for one last set of matches. Lira and I did one on one for the last match, while Praxis ordered food at Phisa's Treat Stand. I won in the end, and we all went for cake.
 And until our next adventure, we're living happily ever after.

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