Sunday, March 11, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #48 & 49

March 3, 2012 (actually, I think it was March 2, 2012)

It's been way too long but we're baaaaaaack!
We went on our GamingEdu server and we initially weren't sure what to do. Phisa collected saplings and Terra wandered.
I'm not sure who came up with the idea, but we decided to build a house in a remote area and then blow it up!
(Other notable events that occurred prior to the big blow-up: Terra found a second NPC village and there was a lunar eclipse!)

Lunar eclipse!
Terra in deep conversation with a villager

Praxis came on and he and I "talked shop" for a bit about our upcoming webinar and the open port issues at school. Phisa wanted purple dye and Praxis gave him hints but wouldn't tell him exactly what to do (he said it was "student-centered inquiry", which didn't impress Phisa much but he figured it out in the end). We chatted among ourselves and created some other questions we wanted to investigate - for instance, could we build a plant-based roof? What materials could we make a house with? What materials could survive an explosion?
The cactus roof didn't work, even though we put a layer of sand. We ended up making a cactus fence around our house, which was useful when spiders and other monsters came snooping around. We created a house with a layer of wood, bedrock (which we made with our OP powers), diamond, and glowstone. The glowstone was a nice touch - it illuminated our project throughout the night.

An inside view of our soon-to-be-demolished structure

Praxis had to leave before we were done but we promised to record our endeavors. Phisa was in charge of the demolitions and he put the redstone stuff. When we tried it the first time, it didn't work. Then he figured out what went wrong and fixed it. (Ask him what he did - I'm unclear what changed.)

The second time was the charm. I learned how to edit my videos on my old desktop using Nero and so I could have a video that could be public (I edited out the kids' images). Here's our first explosion!

March 4th 2012 (although actually March 3, 2012)

Terragrim's Minecraft Report:

 Last night, after our eventful evening of explosions, the Grims were talking about other possible projects to work on. So, in the end, we settled on one. Since Phisa had learned how to make dye the previous day, he decided to put this skill to good use, by making a dye factory. We also came up with an extra frill to the project: connected a rainbow to the roof, made of coloured wool.
 But first things first. We had to find a good spot for our factory. Somewhere high, a mountain maybe, on Lupus Landing. After a bit of searching, Phisa and I found the perfect location, on a mountain near Mel's Egyptian house.
 Once Lira got on, things really got cooking. Our house began to take shape after the first few minutes. The walls started out as wood, but building our TNT-test subject had spoiled us. We decided to add some glowstone, which proved useful, working through the night. We added windows the next morning.
 While Lira worked on the walls, Phisa contributed to making the floor out of diamond blocks. I shot a few creepers, to keep us and the house safe from damage. In this, I achieved level 12, the highest level I've ever been.

Inside the Dye Factory with diamond flooring!

 The roof was the biggest project. Steepled, and made of glass. It was a challenge, taking into consideration how high off the ground we were. One misstep, and all my levels would go down the toilet. Luckily, we managed to finish it within a day, without any deaths.

Outside view of the Dye Factory - well fortified, indeed!

 The next day, we added some extra touches. A bed, furnace, crafting table and chests of wool and dye inside the house, as well as a protective cactus barrier outside.
 The rainbow would have to wait til tomorrow.

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