Sunday, March 4, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #35 & 36

February 4, 2012

We hadn't played together in a while so we went on briefly while husband/father went to the store for dinner supplies.
We explored the deepest hole in the world, according to the signs left by Praxis. Praxis actually left a lot of signs around the place.

Exploring the holes

We saw a new type of rock in the depths we had never seen before that was hard, if not impossible, for us to break with our diamond pickaxes. We were going to explore further but Terra got nervous being so far underground. We went back up. Phisagrim decided to build a TNT cannon out of obsidian he gathered underground where he found his first slime. Terragrim chose to explore the desert and other terrain near her house. Everyone except Phisa quit early for dinner; Phisa finished his cannon but it didn't work. He did some more research, with the help of his dad, to discover better building strategies.

February 6 2012

Terragrim's Minecraft Report:
 Today we decided to be adventurous. It started when we found Praxis's new Nether Portal. Having only seen the Nether in GameChap videos, Lira and I started to explore.
 Despite Phisa's cocky, adventurous exterior, he was the only one who did not venture into the hellish dimension.

Terragrim enters the Nether Portal!

 So we walked through the portal. We found ourselves in a redstone wasteland, with lava waterfalls pouring out of every crevasse. We took our first steps out and found a Ghast there to meet us. Lira stayed to fight, while I ran into a nearby building to hide. Outside, Lira burned to death, thanks to the Ghast, while I warily watched an armed pigman zombie stalk me. 

Lava waterfall!

 The Ghast decided to stalk me too, blowing up the door to the house and nearly killing me in the blast. I ported home almost immediately, happy to return to my house, surrounded by Zombies and Creepers.
 I think that this experience in the Nether has helped me appreciate the "safety" of our beautiful world. After that, I decided to explore some more in that beautiful world. First, Lira, Phisa and I explored Praxis's "biggest hole on earth". We tried to take the challenge and dig deeper, but to no avail. The rock seems unbreakable.
 Then, I tried to explore Lupus Landing for the village that I'm beginning to doubt the existence of. I found nothing, as I thought.

 While I was exploring, Phisa was making a portal to the Aether (an area only accessed with the assistance of a mod.) and posting signs about the area all around the main base. Lira had already returned to the Nether 3 times.

 I returned to the mainland after Phisa announced a challenge: to find all of his signs.
 Lira and I set out to find them. The first were fairly easy. One was by Lira's house, another by Phisa's race course. The next were a bit more challenging. Thanks to a few hints, we found them at the "Beef Baron's Palace" (the middle of the cow infested sea) and Spooky Village.

Finding Phisa's hidden signs (near the Rayman words)

 With 5 minutes of computer time left, Lira and I ventured back into the Nether for one last adventure. Upon arrival, I fell in a pool of lava and nearly burned to death, while Lira fought off not one, but two pigman zombies.
 We then returned home, leaving me with a few questions. Questions I will attempt to answer next time.

Liragrim's Journal entry - Today I had my first Minecraft Club meeting and it was AWESOME! We didn't actually play. We only chose/uploaded our skins and tried out the club wiki at and people wrote quite a bit! I felt bad because my attention was divided between Minecraft Club, helping the Student Council tag candygrams, and conducting Silver Birch book chats. The club members didn't mind. I got my Pay Pal troubles settled and I will fix up the new accounts this week so Terra and Phisa can maintain their identities.

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