Friday, March 2, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #32 & 33

January 28, 2012

Terra and I finished building the pathway to her now-completed house so it's easy to find. We have a torch trail from the Lupis Landing station to the lava pit, and the White Way that takes travelers from the pit to Mary's house. There was  a lot of snow around so we collected some and the three of us decided to have a snowball and egg fight in the main area.

Phisagrim pelts me with snowballs!

Terra determined the areas for us to conduct our battle - borders were the Gaming Edu sign, Phisa's racetrack, the pig pen and the tiny lake. Terra reminds me of pre-WW1 battles and Phisa reminds me of post-Vietname era warfare. Terra set out the ground rules for the battle in advance and then we began. Phisa decided to make his own rules. This was the first time we had done any PvPing type of activities together in the game. We ran out of snowballs and eggs pretty quickly, so Phisa decided to use fireballs on us. We were not amused. I didn't die - I just lost 2 hearts of health.

Liragrim burns as Terra watches - this wasn't part of the plan!

I asked Phisa if it'd be fair if I took 2 hearts off him as payment. He agreed but he just couldn't help himself - when I hit him with my sword, he hit back. After we both lost 2 hearts, we agreed to a temporary cease-fire. I private-messaged Terra to tell her about a command I saw in the help files ("burn 'player' ") and Phisa started getting nervous. "What are you gonna do to me?" he'd ask. Now I get the whole Cold War deal - the only reason the boy didn't continue his attacks on us was because he was scared we would retaliate with something even stronger and more deadly. I wasn't that mad - I actually took photos of me in flames - but Terra was annoyed. We all retired to our respective houses to cook and tidy and explore.

January 29, 2012
Pre-Game Reflection
I have decided to buy two more student accounts and let my own children keep their Terragrim and Phisagrim accounts. It was getting close to the time where I'd hand over the accounts to my students to play but I felt like I was erasing their identities. I'm also contemplating creating my own server and having just my family play on it so the boy can have his special mods. More later.

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