Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #40 & 41

February 11, 2012

Phisagrim's Report (typed by Lira, dictated by Phisa)

Topic = Nether Blow Out!

Obvious to the topic, me and Liragrim were in the Nether. We were trying to find another Magma Cube to name it George the Second, since the first one died. We looked at lava falls because apparently they spawn near lava falls. We were attacked by Ghasts. I found out that Pigmen don't attack you unless you do. The Pigmen sometimes drop gold nuggets or rotten flesh. To our sudden surprise, we ended up in a wrong place. We were lost so we had to build a house. Of course, I am not giving up easily to find a magma cube. To another sudden surprise, we found George, the magma cube. He was in a little river, stuck. I tried to help him. Of course, I broke some of the netharock and he went down shore. Unfortunately, we didn't get to keep him but we did get to take a picture. 

George the Second!

We were building a house where we were first got lost. It was a huge success. It has a roof. You have a place to hide from fireballs and you have a place to shoot. It reminds me of a castle. I did an obsidian floor. It was good but I wasn't sure if it was sturdy enough for fireballs. We shot some Ghasts and one of them, surprisingly, dropped a Ghast tear. They're very rare, according to myself. Then we exited the Nether and we exited the game. That's all I have to say; thank you for listening. 

Zombie pig men barge into our nearly built house, uninvited!

February 12, 2012
The Grims went on Minecraft together and found evidence of Praxismaxis' creativity - near my house (Casa Lira) was a pack of wolves milling around with a sign that indicated that Praxis' pack was consorting with Phisa's large group.

Doggie day care!

While fiddling around and peeking at the portal in the safe house (and learning the hard way that zombie pig men don't *care* if you shoot them "by accident"), I got a private message from the man himself saying he'd join us online. I fetched my camera so I could capture the reaction Phisa and Terra always have when Praxis appears in the game. There was only one problem - our computers are all quite close together and Phisa happened to glance over and saw Praxis' name on the screen. So much for the surprise!

We decided to spend time together in the Nether. We had a great time discovering Netherwart plants and walking on the glass bridge to the Nether fortress. Praxis made a marvelous glass house at the foot of a lava fall.

If Dante had a condo in Hell, would it look like this?

The big news of the night was the successful battle against a new set of creatures we hadn't encountered before - blazes. Phisa made a great tank, tackling the beasties head-on. Terra was very clever; she brought portable water and flooded certain hallways so that when were set on fire, we could extinguish ourselves safely. I died tonight because of the lava but I wasn't carrying too much with me so it wasn't a horrible blow. We ended at 6pm because we all needed to eat dinner. It was a lot of fun.

Fighting blazes bravely!

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