Sunday, March 18, 2012

Minecraft Journal Entry #52 & 53

March 11, 2012
(written March 16, 2012)
I'll keep it short and simple today. We couldn't get on the GamingEdus server so instead we briefly went on the TDSB EDGE server. I accidentally gave Phisagrim OP status in this world and he started to go crazy, generating diamond armor and diamond weapons. Terragrim proclaimed "But Phisa, we promised to be like GameChap in Survival To The End - no OPing!" We left before he did anything too extreme to the environment. A creeper blew up the Grim Clan Safe House and I had to fix it.

Good looking players, sans armour, in safe house

March 12, 2012
(written March 16, 2012)
I don't recall too much about this session except that Praxis looks like he's been busy in our world. The doors to the Safe House have been replaced with iron doors so no zombies can break in. Unfortunately, something else (probably a creeper) still did enough damage to destroy the entire front of the shelter and we had to rebuild it. We went searching for ocelots in Lupis Landing and got lost.

New entrance to the main safe house

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