Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Today, the entire family, including my visiting mother-in-law, decided to play a board game. We chose Telestrations. We just bought this for ourselves after enjoy the hilarity of this game when our family friend brought it over ages ago.

We laughed so hard that my stomach hurt! This is a game where it's fun whether or not you have drawing ability. Grandma was notoriously bad at both guessing the visual clues and drawing. This was my daughter's sketch. What do you think the word was supposed to be?

If you guessed popcorn, you'd be right.

Grandma wrote "firebug".

Another amusing moment was when my daughter mis-read my son's word: "wrinkles". Instead, she thought it said "urinals". Sometimes it's just as much fun to mess up as it is to get it right. Is that true for other games? Too bad it's not true for school.

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