Friday, July 27, 2012

More Kirby Combos

I hope I don't accidentally re-blog these photos, because I was trying to post in alphabetical order based on scan names, and this topic has brought some later drawings to the fore.

If you've read this blog with any frequency, you will know that my nearly 10-year-old son absolutely adores Kirby. Most of his drawings involve some incarnation of Kirby. During his weekly comic making classes in July, Kirby was a favourite subject. In these three drawings shared today, you'll see Kirby in some very different scenarios.

The first photo is of "Kirby Craft", a combination of Kirby and Minecraft. I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this illustration - maybe the boy will consent to using our new dictation software and tell me what's up.

The middle drawing is a combination of Kirby with Tom and Jerry - yes, the old cat and mouse team. His personal caption reads: "Tom and Jerry Tales / More Powers To You 2 / Kirby Special (sic)  / New Powers, New Rings, and More!"

The last visual is related to a fellow Nintendo character - Super Paper Mario.

There are several versions and the boy really likes the Thousand Year Door game. Here's his cover if the game was about Kirby instead of Mario.

Do these pictures lack imagination or are they full of imagination? I like to think that combining things that usually don't go together - even if it's two separate video game characters or situations - is using some creative muscle.

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