Thursday, July 19, 2012

Angry Birds - The Card Game

The other day, we went into a neat games cafe called Snakes and Lattes and my son saw a game that intrigued him: Angry Birds, the group card game. Since the boy usually balks at family board games, we bought it and tried it out. It's pretty simple. Each player gets six cards and you set them up in whatever order you want. You roll two dice and if the colour of the bird matches that on your lowest card, you can remove it from your structure. (The green pigs in my hand in the photo on the left mean that I had to roll a double of any bird to get rid of that card.) If, during your turn, you aren't able to get rid of your card, you pick a treat from another deck of cards. You have to get rid of all your cards AND physically knock over the king pig by flicking the dice at the figure to win. We played two games. My daughter won the first round and my son won the second, which means he may consent to playing again in the future. (Did I mention the boy is a sore loser?) Hubby said that he felt there was just enough strategy needed in the game to keep it from being a totally random kids' game. Since we don't own the Angry Birds video game (because my son refuses to play it on anything except for an iPad or iPhone - he likes taking his finger to manipulate the birds into flight rather than a mouse), this will be the only way he gets to play this game he likes (for now - Grandma is in town and itching to buy her only grandchildren some new playthings.)

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