Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Mushroom Kingdom for a Kirby Poster

I hope readers don't mind if I combine art with some short stories on life with my gaming family - there's only so many times I can say "and here's a drawing my son did with Kirby". (Actually, the amount of times I have said it and will say it, or some version of it, will continue to rise.)

To my left is what I called "100 Kirbys".

We have been doing a major overhaul of both of our children's rooms this summer. We finished my daughter's room, including all clothes, her closet, every container, under the bed, and walls, in about three days. My son's room took longer, despite it being smaller. Like his sister, we re-evaluated the posters he hung on his wall and, with his input, made some changes.

Down came one of his Pokemon posters and his Ben 10 visual. We added another Sonic to the walls (so he has two Sonic, two Mario, two Pokemon and one Angry Birds as decoration). What he really, really wants is a Kirby poster, but we haven't seen one at our local malls or stores.

Naturally, we turn to the Internet to help us with our quest. We found t-shirts and saw some Minecraft posters but weren't impressed with the images. If only we could take one of his illustrations (like Epic Kirby, to my right) or one of his Minecraft screen shots and make it a poster size. Oh, I know we can - many photo development places offer poster-sized reproductions of pictures - but is reproducing one of his own illustrations super-sized worth the $30 or whatever it would cost?

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