Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laser Quest

Yesterday, in an effort to do something outside the house, we decided to take the kids to play Laser Quest for the first time. We wanted to "test the waters" because we were considering hosting the boy's upcoming birthday party at Laser Quest and wanted to ensure he liked it. (We tried Playdium a few years back and it turns out he hated the place, despite being a big video game fan.)

We only played one game, with the four of us and seven other strangers. I was curious to see if our video game prowess would translate into results at Laser Quest - and this answer was mixed. In terms of our family, my son was first, then my daughter, and then, surprisingly, I beat my husband. We suspect that my husband's strategy (which was to go where no one else could find him and just take sniper-like shots at people) reduced his score. Here are some of the interesting scores for my husband and for me. (The kids left their score sheets in the car.)

# of beams: me = 260 / hubby = 558
ratio %: me = 5% / hubby = 1%
rank: me = 9 / hubby = 11
score: me = 80 / hubby = 56

people I tagged: Kirby 3X, BRS 2X, Hayyu 1X, Likeaboss 3X, Devin 2X, James 2X
people tagged me: Kirby 7X, BRS 3X, Phantom 2X, Hayyu 10X, Likeaboss 5X, Devin 1X, James 1X

people hubby tagged: Car 1X, Kirby 3X, Diana 1X, Phantom 1X, Devin 2X
people tagged hubby: Kirby 2X, Diana 2X, BRS 1X, Hayyu 1X, Devin 3X

It was fun and we'll be playing again for my son's birthday (although it will be mainly the kids). Fire away!

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