Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gaming XP Patterns & Chapter 1 Universes Combined

I scanned over fifty pieces of art on Canada Day for posting on this blog over the next few weeks. This doesn't even count the colour pieces of art that I have in a pile. I apologize in advance if I accidentally scan and share an illustration that I already did beforehand. I really need to develop a system so I can keep track. (Note to self: tagging my posts might help!)

I've noticed some patterns and trends in the recent work I sifted through.

1) My daughter is doing more artwork related to her online role play wikis. She and her friends have a Hunger Games "play" that they've created and she's drawn group shots of the characters. She also loves Shugo Kara, Inlacta, Vocaloid, and other Japanese-ish topics. Since this blog is supposed to be for game-related creations, you may not see as many of her pieces on here as before. It's not because she's stopped drawing. In fact, she and her brother are going to a series of comic creation workshops in July.

2) My son is obsessed with Kirby. He combines Kirby with any and everything. He just recently declared that when he grows up, he wants to either be a video game designer or a comic book writer. There are also a lot of started-but-not-finished projects that he's done. His panels are often small squares jam-packed on a page. I didn't scan every page of some of his books (because I'd be in front of the computer forever) but I hope I've given a good sample.

I found this piece, unusual because it's mostly text, in his pile. I've transcribed it below:

Chapter 1 universes combined

One day In an alternet universe everything was fine until Ding! The leaer of the tribes Diaspeared into space and ended some wierd place it was called the Hatnet as they all the leaders picked there hats when they went up to pay the others were suprised they asked who the were and there names are so they notced the same things happened to each one so there working together to find the portal so they can live happilly peacfully and safully.
PS: Petor uses colourful bubbles for his powers note: Powers is something different Petor example: Mike Kirby > Music Petor all Petors hats have an intenna

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