Friday, July 20, 2012

Angry Birds in Space Captivates

 I am finally getting around to sharing some of the latest scans from my children's portfolios, along with a little reflection now and then. First up is Angry Birds Space. I've posted three drawings here by my boys that lovingly capture the Angry Birds in Space and compare them to their "normal" or "Earth-bound" cousins. I asked my son why he prefers Angry Birds Space and he likes the powers that the birds have - and he is a big fan of the purple bird, purple being his favourite colour and not a hue option in the regular version.

I've also mentioned that my son refuses to allow us to buy him Angry Birds to play on our desktop or laptop computers. He only wants to play it on a tablet, where he can launch the birds with his finger instead of the mouse. Why is this so important to him? Maybe it's a different game for him with this more immediate flinging? Maybe it was the first way he was introduced to the game and wants to play it this way? I'm not sure.

We are in the market for purchasing a tablet, not because of Angry Birds, but because of these drawings you see. My boy has expressed interest in becoming either a comic book creator or video game designer when he grows up. He spends a lot of time drawing on his Nintendo 3DS. Since it actually doesn't have a draw program per se, what he does is takes a photograph and uses the graffiti function to completely cover the photo with his own illustration (usually something Kirby-related). My husband and I know professional illustrators and graphic designers and I've heard that they use tablets to draw their work. We are looking into the various types of tablets, so if you have any advice (advice, not spam), please share in the comments.

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  1. Honestly? iPad or Nexus 7 depending on what size you prefer. Not much reason to go for anything else unless someone offers you a really good deal.