Sunday, April 3, 2011

Standardized Tests - The Type The Boy Likes

One early evening, my son began scribbling away at a family project of his invention. He has decided to give everyone in the family a standardized test - on Pikmin. He told us that he was making it look just like his CAT test from last year and like the EQAO practice sheets he has this year. (I think CAT stands for Canadian Achievement Test and EQAO stands for Education Quality and Accountability Office test - actually, it's true > my husband just looked up the acronyms for me.) He told us that we had to bubble in the right answer. I said I didn't know much about Pikmin and could I cheat during the test by asking people for answers. The boy was shocked.

"Mom, we don't cheat at my school and you can't cheat on this test."

Thankfully, he did provide a bit of a review for us before the test. He said that blue Pikmin were water-related, red Pikmin were fire-related, and yellow Pikmin were electricity-related. He also said that purple Pikmin were very powerful. He made everyone in the family write the test, and then he collected all the papers and ran upstairs to immediately mark them. He brought them down one at a time with the marks and the score. He told us which answers we got wrong, and the correct answer. As I would have guessed, I earned the lowest score, with 4/6. My husband earned 5/6 and my daughter earned 6/6.

What can I say about this Pikmin standardized test? I have lots of theories or observations, but who knows how many of them are just guesses.

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