Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Olimar Got to Hocatate - Chapter 1

My son, who usually hates writing, has written four chapters so far of his book, titled "How Olimar Got to Hocatate". In Charles Dickens fashion, I will post a chapter a day of his story. I will try to intersperse it with my daughter's "Super Smash Stories" anthology of short stories. I will try not to correct any spellings they've used.

Chapter 1 - Crash on the Planet of the Plant People.

In outer space Beep Beep Beep Bang Crash! Pow! Splash! Boom!
I'm Captain Olimar while through space a meteoroid hit my ship I need 30 ship parts to get back home.
Interesting that thing made a seed I'll call it an onion now to the seed. I thinks its calling to me. Perhaps press [A] to Pluck it. (Plucks seed) Odd its alive they look like my favourite food pik pik Grand carrots I think I'll call them Pikmin ([A] Throw [B] call [C] dismiss.) That pellet made more Pikmin the onion is a mother ship! The pikmin are curious as children! They perform tasks. Its my engine theres no mistakes perhaps the pikmin could bring to my ship. I take wonderful step back to home.

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