Thursday, April 21, 2011

Plants vs Zombies - How the invasion began

My house has been overrun with zombies! (Plants vs Zombies, that is)

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter was at a sleepover and her brother was missing her quite acutely. To prevent him from feeling too lonely or bored without his chief playmate around, my husband bought a PC copy of the game "Plants vs Zombies". My husband has played a version of it "Peace Bloom vs Ghoul", on World of Warcraft, so he knew the basic schtick. What he didn't realize was how insanely popular the original game would be to the entire family. My son was glued to the screen as his dad played. Our little boy refused to play it himself, but he adored watching the action. My husband finished the entire game on adventure mode in one day. When my daughter returned home from her sleepover party, her brother was super-eager to tell her all about the game. She too enjoyed watching Dad battle the zombie hoard. The kids would run away if their father got too close to losing, but they would always come back to see more. It's actually quite funny to see how quickly they'll run downstairs once they hear the music from the game begin. The entire basement breaks out into a dance party when the music video appears at the end of the successful final battle.

Although it was meant as a present for the kids, my husband played it often, even when the kids weren't around to witness the games. He loves the strategy, the achievements, and the distraction (it seems to be the perfect "at work" game, since it can be paused at a moment's notice and resumes exactly where you left off).

The next few Family Gaming posts will focus on the Plants vs Zombies phenomenon in our household.

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